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Nourish his skin with Spongellé’s Homme Collection in Gallant, a rejuvenating mix of triple butter body wash and gentle exfoliation to cleanse and soften. Gallant invigorates and brightens any mood with fresh lemon, crisp sage, and exotic musk.


Created by a master perfumer, this collection blends luxurious mango, shea, cocoa butters, and extracts powered by the three C’s (cypress, comfrey, and cucumber) for a truly elevated bathing experience. Decadent and ultra soft, this lush aromatic sponge boasts tons of suds and over 20+ washes.


Smells Like

An energizing morning cocktail with a twist of lemon


Feels Like

Breakfast on the balcony while lounging in a handsome robe


Fragrance Notes

Top: Lemon

Middle: Sage

Base: Musk

Spongelle - Gallant Buffer pour Homme

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