For normal nails. Our passionately purposeful base coat possesses that extra special grip for a normal nail. Vitamin-rich bamboo, sunflower seed oil, goji and white tea extracts create a smooth surface to prolong your manicure, so that your colour can enjoy maximum wear.


• Extra protection for normal nails
• Extra special grip
• Creates a smooth surface to help prolong your manicure
• Protects and promotes healthier looking nails
• Balances moisture to maintain healthy nails
• Contains vitamin-rich bamboo extract, sunflower seed oil, goji extracts, white tea extracts and vitamin E


How To Use

Apply as a base coat beneath your favourite nail colour.
1. Apply one coat of To Have + To Hold Base Coat to a clean, dry nail. Using just 4 to 5 strokes paint the nail making sure that you cover the free edge by sealing it from left to right. If you have enough length, apply product behind the free edge with the tip of the brush.
2. Using the same technique as the base coat, apply 2 coats of your favourite Colour Confidence nail polish.
3. Finish with 1 coat of Shine + Shield Top Coat. As it is a glaze formula and dries very quickly, use just 1-3 strokes making sure you seal the free edge. Ensure all corners and edges of the nail are covered and sealed for maximum wear

To Have & To Hold Base Coat